Lindy Lynch Bio

With her post-it notes and side margined-filled pink schedule book at the ready, Lindy Lynch is a very busy woman! First and foremost, as a community activist, she is always thinking about how to improve Bennington County through the numerous local organizations she’s involved with. Her personal goal is to support and promote a strong and healthy foundation from which local businesses and events can flourish. Her entrepreneuristic and diverse background as restaurant owner, day care owner, military nurse and educational store owner were probably all precursors and have also added momentum to Lindy’s personal quest to put Bennington on the map as a designation city.

As marketing director of the BennHHP (Bennington Holistic Health Practitioners), she helps the committee stay focused on the tasks at hand by keeping their mission statement clear and true to heart. Lindy feels strongly about the BennHHP having a collaborative group of holistic healing practitioners within Bennington County raising awareness of the natural healing modalities available in the area. As a cancer survivor, herself, Lindy is an advocate of complementary therapies that help create a comprehensive healing environment.

Other groups Lindy helps to boost their marketing potential are as: Board Director of the Bennington Chamber and Garlic Festival, Board Member of Center Communication Medicine, Cancer Crusader Marketing Chair, CAT TV Board Member and former Board Member of the Bennington Rotary.


Written by Shawna Snyder