Featured Practitioner

Sunshine Wohl

Owner of the LOVE house







In The Light With Love & Healing

By Shawna Snyder


I had the honor of being in the presence of Sunshine Wohl at the highly successful BennHHP Wellness Fair on April 28th. We shared a vendor table together and after we settled in, she asked me to pick an angel card from the pile that lay face down. She told me she does this every morning as it sets the tone for the day. I picked ‘harmony’. She picked ‘truth’. And both my daughters chose ‘play’ despite the fact they chose this card hours from each other!

Sunshine’s gift to this world is that she is at ease opening the dialogue of death and helping individuals with their transition from Earth. She explained in her seminar titled, ‘Transitions… No One Has To Die Alone’, that she feels privileged to be a part of this experience. She has been helping people transition for 30 years and she relates herself to a midwife delivering people into the next realm. She offers comfort, peace and love to bring beauty to this often, fearful physical end. To listen to Sunshine speak so directly yet gently about a taboo subject is to realize when faced with the loss of a family member or friend it is really an opportunity to be at peace with a natural part of the cycle of life. And to recognize that when we are with a person who passes, they chose us to be a part of their ultimate sacrifice. Although we are all unique individuals with different beliefs, she holds true to her five points that she shares with people as they die. I love you. Forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. It is okay to go.

She studied at the Metaphysics Research Department of Coral Gables Florida for 19 years and studied psychology at Syracuse University. Over a 20 year span, she has helped people heal through energy healing via reiki, healing touch and sometimes with crystals. We are blessed to have Sunshine in our community!



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