Welcome to Bennington Holistic Healing Practitioners!

This group has been created to provide the surrounding Bennington, Vermont area public with an easy access to both holistic and natural healing medical providers and professionals available to them. By collaboratively gathering and sharing information about these practitioners, this gives the patient the opportunity of taking their overall wellness into their own hands.


BennHHP’s goal is to both expand local practitioners’ services and business to a broader audience, and more importantly provide as a resource of holistic healing information to those who need it most. You can think of us at the Chamber of Commerce for holistic healing!


This website provides you with both a map and list format of local participating practitioners, including biographies covering the passion they have for what they do, pricing for services and greater detail about what they offer, how to get in contact with them and much more. We hope you find this site helpful in gaining knowledge about the options available to you when it comes to choosing medical and preventative health care from trusted, highly recommended professionals.

Meet some of our practitioners!


Did you know?

As attitudes and beliefs about complementary medicine have shifted, more and more medical doctors are recommending mind-body practices to help their clients heal in a more natural way.


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